Ho’oponopono (English version)

The 3 Steps of Ho’oponopono

to correct something, some error

The Basis:  A New World View – A New Consciousness

Ho’oponopono is a remarkably simple process of spiritual healing and is based on the properties of the quantum universe. In order to become able to work with this process, it is helpful to lay down the old world-view of classical nature sciences and to open up one’s mind to a shamanic and quantum-physical world-view.

Each person is able to communicate with all dimensions of time and space through resonance, and even with being All-at-One beyond time and space. Human thoughts do have the capacity to enter into resonance with subatomic levels. The different aspects of matter  – mass, energy and consciousness (information) are never isolated, but always inseparably interconnected much like the Holy Trinity: Creator – Creation – the process of Creating. Our consciousness has the possibility to affect each level (or dimension) of the cosmos, and these effects may have feedback-effects on other dimensions. The vibration (= a standing wave) which produces the cosmic background-radiation is  the basis for  this to happen.

How does Ho’oponopono work?

(excerpts from an interview with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew LEN, Lichtfokus 23, 2008)

Errors are made up by conclusions that the mind draws from past suffering and pain. According to old hawaiian teachings all problems start as thoughts. Having thoughts, however, is no problem in itself. The problem is: all our thoughts are filled or associated with painful memories. Our mind is able to process and store thoughts and information, but it is not able to resolve problems.

When applying Ho’oponopono, the Divine will cleanses a specific thought of all suffering and pain in the first step – COMPASSION:  „I am sorry“.

In the second step – FORGIVENESS: „I forgive myself for what I have created“ – the energy of pain is  set free, and emptiness arises.

In the third step – unconditional LOVE – the divine Light is allowed to flow into the emptiness to fill it up: „ I  LOVE   MYSELF /  YOU  / ALL OF CREATION“

Morrnah Simeona (a Kahuna, which means „guardian of the mystery“ in Hawaii) integrated the three levels of SELF into the Ho’oponopono process:

1.     the Subconscious mind  /                child                Unihipili

2.     the Conscious mind  /                      mother            Uhane

3.     the Superconscious mind /              father             Aumakua

When this inner family (trinity) is in harmony with each other, a human being is moving in the same rhythm as the Divine. Through this inner balance Life starts to flow. Thus Ho’oponopono contributes to re-establishing the lost balance in all of creation.

The best way to bring healing into all areas of life within all of the universe is to:

Take on 100 percent responsibility and work on yourself

Take good care of yourself.  If you heed this, everybody will benefit from it.

„Therapy is a form of manipulation, if I – as a therapist – consider you to be ill and see myself as the one who will do the work on you. It is, however, no manipulation when I understand that your coming offers a chance to me in order to find out what is going on within myself.“

A problem is being resolved by a process of transformation – as Ho’oponopono for example. In this process not only the problem is being resolved but – at the same time – everything connected to it on the subatomic level as well as in intergalactic dimensions, and back to the beginning of all time.

What IS  a problem, really ?

Most people are confused about this question. Then they think about some way out of the problem.  Instead of this I ask the Divine in me, when, for example, someone talks to me about her/his pain.

„What is going on in myself so that I have caused these pains in this person?“  &

„How can I resolve this problem in myself?“

Answers will come up from inside – and then I just do what I am told to do. I keep silence and let the process of change and cleansing happen in me.

But as soon as I switch on my mind the process of healing comes to a stop.

If a healing seems not to work, think of this: There can be a variety of painful memories which might cause this pain. We do not know anything – the Divine only knows what is really going on.

When you have a problem with someone, ask yourself: „What is going on in myself that causes me to feel disturbed by this person?“   For people enter your life only to get on your nerves! If you know this you will be able to lift any situation on a higher level and let go of the problem:

  1. I am sorry for what is happening here /  has happened there
  2. I forgive myself for having created this situation
  3. I love myself  /  you   /   all of creation


We address the Divine with it and ask: „Can we download this?“ The Divine will download everything that you have to know for resolving the problem and get you all the necessary information.

But as we do not know who we really are we cannot download directly from the Light. That is why we address a being outside of us. The actual work, however, is inside, on myself.

„There is a difference whether you care for others with excessive responsibility or whether you care for yourself 100 percent.“

The latter sets us free, within. But if we are constantly focussed on others, the problems are not really being resolved. Instead, they keep us prisoners.

Even objects can learn Ho’oponopono

As every atom and each sub-atomic particle is consciousness, it is possible for objects to learn and practice Ho’oponopono too, if they are willing to.

Dr. Len gives instructions on how to apply Ho’oponopono on people, even on tables, chairs and conference halls where he is teaching his seminars. In most cases he simply puts his blue book „Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono“ on a chair or table during his lecture. „We just do not fully appreciate how tables in their quiet manner get everything that is going on around them“ … says Dr. Len.


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